Pickle Gose to Garden - a collaboration brew by us & Besk & Millbrook Winery


Pickle Gose to Garden is a collaboration between great mates with a passion for great local produce: Besk Bar x Millbrook Winery x Eagle Bay Brewing Co.

Incredibly savoury and moreish, using pickle brine handmade by the Millbrook team – originating from cucumbers grown in Millbrook’s treasure trove of a vegetable garden and made into pickles from scratch. This sea salt and pickle gose keeps you coming back for more. Just like our friends at Besk & Millbrook, it’s complex, funky, charismatic and the kind of companion you can spend way too long with on a Summer arvo.

Bright lemon zest is punctuated by notes of dill and horse radish with a subtle hint of garlic washing through. The concept sounds ridiculous, but we promise it is very very fun (and delicious).

Artwork by Perth artist Tim Meakins. Available for a limited time.

This is a limited release.

Pickle Gose to Garden is available:
To drink at Besk Bar, Millbrook Winery & Eagle Bay Brewing Co
To take-away Besk Bottleshop & Eagle Bay Brewing
Delivered to your door step via our web store