It takes a village to bring Eagle Bay Brewing Co to you, and with every village its people are its backbone. As part of our “It takes a Village” journal, we meet some of the people that make our village. Meet Rupert Brown, our Head Chef

“I discovered my love for cooking when I was 20 years old, living and working in Greece. I used to cook for myself and five other travellers in the village, we would meet up for beers and they would say “Well, what are you cooking tonight”.

“ When I visited Athens, I would always only go to the restaurants that locals were going into, mostly found off the main drag and in the back alleys. The owners and staff were always very welcoming and hospitable, “Come with me” and they’d take you into the kitchen and show you what they were cooking.

“I started cooking professionally in the late Eighties when living in the UK. Nina and I used to go to this restaurant and one afternoon we noticed there was a note in the window saying “Desperate for Chefs”. I was only cooking on my days off at the time. I got a friend of mine who worked there to ask if they would be prepared to take on someone who had no catering skills or background, they took a chance and said yes. I would work summer seasons with the restaurant owners and then winter seasons in the French Alps as they managed hotels over there. I worked with them for four years”.

Rupert moved on – working in small gastro pubs and hotels throughout Cornwall, and was the Executive Head Chef at The St Endoc Hotel in Rock for seven years. Nearing the end of his seven years Rupert and Nina decided on a holiday to Western Australia, heading to Dunsborough where Nina’s Father was located and they fell in love with the area during their stay. “We all thought this place is beautiful, and even better all the wineries only opened for lunch, which is quite nice. Because prior to that in my Executive Head Chef role I was required to do 60 to 70 hours a week, and on call all the time which is pretty standard for hospitality in the UK. “ So as a result of their visit they decided to pack up their family and life in the UK and move to Western Australia.“When we arrived I actually didn’t have a job when I got off the airplane. And we didn’t have a house, but I had a wife and three small children. I got a job within three days at Vasse Felix and was there for two years, then one day I was approached by these dodgy characters, aka Astrid, Adrian and Nick to look at this building site In Eagle Bay which was destined to be a restaurant and brewery – and I have been there ever since ”

Rupert joined Eagle Bay Brewing Co as a Head Chef in October 2010 and is still with us thirteen years later and what an amazing journey and worked alongside so many passionate, loyal and hardworking kitchen crew – creating delicious eats for everyone to enjoy.

“I love bringing on people in the kitchen and finding those gems who are passionate about cooking and help nurture that. Getting them into the team and seeing their rise in confidence, their skill levels and functioning as a great team member, gives me huge pride. Jasper, one of our Chef’s who left Eagle Bay recently, started with us as an Apprentice at 15 years old and left as a fully qualified Chef at 22 years old”.

Coffee or tea?
“Coffee. Absolutely. Everyone knows that. I don’t know why you asked”

Sunrise or Sunset.
“That’s a hard one, actually. Because I’m generally a very early riser. But I will literally go out of the house and look at sunsets, down the street from us”

Summer or winter?
“Both. I love winter for the storms and the thrashing weather, the bangers and mash, stews and the soups. But I love summer too because I love going for a swim, sitting out in the evening with a glass of white wine spending time with friends and of course lots of food”.

After work drink ?
“Shiraz. Always has been, that has never changed”