It Takes a Village - Meet Rhys


It takes a village to bring Eagle Bay Brewing Co. to you. And with every village its people are its back bone. As part of our The ‘It takes a Village’ series, we meet some of the people that make our village.


In-between periods travelling the world Rhys worked two summers in our Front of House, before landing an opportunity to become one of our brewers.

Rhys loves adventure, his life has always been about living his best life in the great outdoors either catching waves, riding snow covered slopes, throwing a line in, or hitting the mountain bike trails around the world. This life of travel and adventure was supported by a number of seasons working with our Front of House team during our summers (since 2015!), and also snow seasons in Perisher and Japan, and a stint managing a surf camp in Indonesia.

In 2020, an opportunity to work on our packaging line took him from front to back of house, and from there he was recruited into our brewing team, leading to his next challenge of becoming a brewer.

What’s Rhys’s go to after work drink:

I usually hit every single series, but for our core range beers I’ll go the IPL or Pale Ale. My all time favourite beer is Little Creatures Pale Ale, it has a special place in my heart as it was my first craft beer and a defining moment in my craft beer journey, I haven’t drunk it in a long time, but it was just a defining beer for me.

What’s Rhys watching:

I recently watched the current Netflix Woodstock documentary – sounded nuts. Plenty of sport though too… Go Freo.

South West recommendations?

Burnt Ends at Beerfarm.

Best thing about working at Eagle Bay Brewing Co.?

The crew, great working environment, and quality beers