Hoops & Tang Long Table Dinner - Sunday 25th February


Hoops & Tang Dinner Long Table Dinner – Sunday 25th February 6pm at Ooze & Tang

Come and join us both for seriously good food and beverages, handcrafted by each of us from scratch. Ooze & Tang have six courses of delicious eats jam packed with locally sourced and seasonal produce to match six drinks from our Hoops Project.

Our Head Brewer Keegan and Head chef / Co-founder of Ooze & Tang Issac will come along for the ride and chat through all food and drink delights throughout the night.

$160 per person including all food and drink. Menu details coming soon.

The Hoops Project is an offshoot of our regular beer production. Relying on the ebbs and flows of the ageing process to create something complex over the seasons. For us, it’s a step back and a relaxation into letting time and place do it’s thing.

Ooze and Tang
Ooze & Tang is an independent little restaurant with a great bar. Our team of passionate hospitality professionals can’t wait to welcome you to our tables with heartfelt enthusiasm and exceptional service. We serve up flavourful food prepared with skill and attention to detail. Think modern Australian/French bistro vibes. Our focus is snack plates and share style dishes. Our small, produce driven, seasonal menu stems from the question “is it delicious?”

Equally important to showcasing excellent food; we’re serious beverage nerds too. We curate an ever-changing roster of refreshments. With a big focus on boutique independent producers. There’s a lot of good stuff happening in the beverage world, both locally and further afield. We look forward to sharing our love of great drinks with you.

Please note, it’s a long table share style of dining with six courses – therefore unfortunately we are unable to cater to the following dietaries; We cannot cater to GF, DF, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan or Garlic + Onion allergies for this event.

To grab a ticket head to Ooze & Tang website and go to book a table for the 25th February and select Hoops & Tang event from there OR click on this link. Only 28 seats available so get in quick, it’s gonna a good one.