Introducing the Good Times Gang, our loyalty program. A way to say thank you for allowing us to facilitate your good times (e.g birthday lunch celebrations at our place, that bottle of red you bring along for a dinner party, four pack of Kolsch cans you take to a barbeque – you get the gist).

At Eagle Bay Brewing Co our purpose is to deliver an exceptional Eagle Bay experience, that gathers good people together for good times. Our community is always at the core of what brings Eagle Bay Brewing Co to life daily, so it’s only fitting that we are able to give back to our community for your continuous support.

Our Good Times Gang gives you access to loads of perks and through every interaction and purchase and sustainable contribution you’ll accumulate points for every dollar you spend in our restaurant, retail space and online. This opens the door to exclusive rewards to spend across all Eagle Bay goodies – whether it’s beer, wine, long lunches, our merchandise or produce – plus access to some irresistible discounts, birthday gifts and that’s just the beginning. Here’s the best bit, it’s completely FREE to be part of.

To kick off join and receive 100 points on us, and get access to all Good Times Gang perks !


Welcome to the ultra-fun and fantastic world of “The Good Times Gang,” where your membership is not just about sipping on your favourite drinks, but a whole lot more! Let’s dive into the perks that make being a part of our gang an absolute blast.

First up, for all you beer enthusiasts, get ready for some tantalizing treats on your beer purchases, plus get the insider scoop on our exclusive single series. Wine lovers, we haven’t forgotten you! Enjoy delightful rewards on wine, and feel like a VIP with access to our annual wine sale extravaganza.

But wait, there’s more! Our retail space is a treasure trove of goodies, and as a member, you’ll enjoy rewards on these too. Love lunching at our place? We’ve got you covered with special rewards on your midday meals.

And hey, when your birthday rolls around, guess what? You’ll get a $10 birthday voucher every year because you’re that special to us! Plus, keep an eye out for surprise perks popping up throughout the year – we love keeping things exciting!

Staying informed is also a breeze with our monthly Good Times newsletters. You’ll always be in the loop with the latest happenings and fun events.

Now, let’s talk about earning those sweet, sweet points. Every time you spend a dollar in-store or online, you rack up a point. Just creating an account nets you a cool 100 points. Fill out your profile for an easy 20 points. Are you social media savvy? Follow us on Instagram or give us a like on Facebook for 15 points each. Got friends? Refer them for free shipping and bag yourself 100 points! Plus, if you’re into acting sustainably, you get a fantastic 50 points.

So, there you have it! Being part of The Good Times Gang means good times are always guaranteed, with a side of perks and points to keep the fun rolling. Welcome aboard, and let the good times roll!


Now, let’s talk about earning those sweet, sweet points. Once you have signed up to the Good Times Gang earning points are easy peasy.

To kick off we will gift you 100 points when you first sign up and then in addition the more you hang out with us, the more points you can accumulate.

Fill out your profile for an easy 20 points, follow us on Instagram or give us a like on Facebook for 15 points each. Share the Good Times Gang with your mates, to celebrate everyone’s good taste they get free shipping and you get 100 points when they join.

Then of course you’ll accumulate points for every dollar you spend in our restaurant, retail space and our online store. You earn one point for every dollar spent. Then if you want to help reduce our waste and earn some points while you’re at it, return four lots of can clips to Eagle Bay Brewing and earn 50 points.

Then last but not least – check out the rewards you can redeem however tickles your fancy – bring your best mate and pay us a visit or grab some goodies online. Either way it all brings a smile on your dial to help facilitate some good times.