Dank Experience IPA 6.2%

16 Pack Cube

Welcome to The Dank Collaborative Experience, our collaboration brew with WA Beer purveyors Grain Cru Carlisle and Victoria Park.

Utilising local malt from Capel maltster’s Mallokup malt and a plethora of hops to create a tight and bitter West Coast IPA. Freestyle hops lead the charge here with a lot of Motueka specially selected for this beer which presents far danker and more piney than our regular selection of Motueka.

Next up, Manilita a new Thiol boosting trial hop, loads of tropical fruit here. Followed by a hit of hop oils, Motueka Hop Kief for that classic bright papaya and lime Motueka kicks off. Outside of those freestyle hops, bringing that dank bass in the back? Cryo Columbus and Sorachi Ace combine to shift things into true West Coast territory.

Enjoy a bold, piney and resinous West Coast IPA with oodles of tropical fruit flavour.

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