Chardonnay Sparkling Ale

Two Pack 640ml bottles

Meet our Chardonnay Sparkling Ale, a beer wine hybrid creation inspired by the 2019 vintage of our Chardonnay grapes for Eagle Bay Vineyard and our handcrafted beer – intertwining these ingredients together.

Our Chardonnay grapes are sourced from a vineyard south of Witchcliffe, within the Margaret River wine region. We united 400 litres of freshly pressed Chardonnay juice and 2,000 litres of wort. The two were combined and co-fermented with our house yeast and wild yeast found naturally on the Chardonnay grapes. We followed with dry-hopping using Galaxy hops, known for their bright passion-fruit aromas – which also meshed nicely with the peach and nectarine characters from the Chardonnay fruit.

Twenty five percent of the brew was racked into Chardonnay barrels and left to rest for two months, whilst the remainder of the beer was filtered and cold conditioned. After barrel-aging the barrel portion was blended back with the main batch, which lends to some soft notes of oak, white chocolate and vanilla – also creating a mouthfeel more typical of a wine than beer. This is followed by carbonation lifts the fruit flavours, compliment the acidity and bringing lovely layers of brightness to the brew.

Artwork for this project was created by Perth based artist Chris Nixon. It’s an expression of the elements of growing grapes and creating wine and beer by the sea of where we live in down south WA.


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