EPIC BEER ALERT // Donut Attack


They’ve done it! Or should we say, donut? Eagle Bay Brewing Co is releasing an Imperial Donut Stout in partnership with Mary Street Bakery, Mane Liquor and WA artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers. The release is part local collaboration and all fun times, using traditional-style cinnamon donuts to make a wintery brew perfect for beer-lovers wanting something a little different. (Excited much)

Called Donut Attack, the limited edition will feature the art of Hughes-Odgers on its 640ml bottles and there is also a tie-in tote bag available to mark the launch with something you can carry your beer (and donuts) in.

“This one was a lot of fun,” said Nick d’Espeissis, head brewer at EBBCo. “Mary Street Bakery brought us down 150 donuts, which we split across two different mashes, along with some extra cinnamon quills to add to the taste. The process meant we could use the starch in the donuts as part of the ferment conversion. Some of the ingredients might have found their way into the brewing team’s bellies at some point as well. Definitely a great experience.”

The result is a heavy beer that brings across some of the doughy characteristics of the ingredients, balanced with sweet notes and a thick, 9.4% alcohol content.

This is the 4th time Eagle Bay Brewing Co have teamed up with Mane Liquor and Hughes-Odgers for a winter release, with Mary Street Bakery a welcome addition to the mix. These special editions have become just as much about celebrating the creative process of making beer, as well as bringing people together to drink it. Each business involved had someone at Eagle Bay Brewing Co on the brew days to be part of the action.

Donut Attack is available at:
Eagle Bay Brewing Co or shop on our website
Mane Liquor, Ascot
Tiny’s Liquor Emporium, Perth CBD




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