So we have got some good good NEWS !!

Our favourite beery summer fling – aka Brewer’s Series India Pale Lager will be joining our line-up for GOOD !!

Available always, 365 days a week, 24/7 for your drinking pleasure !!! We are pumped. Read on to find out more deets about what’s happening !!

Good news everyone !!! our Eagle Bay India Pale Lager – is here to stay !!! New beer ? Yes, new core range beer and we are pretty excited. IPL originally arrived just in time for Christmas 2018 as our Summer Brewers Series release. Due to extraordinary demand, we brewed it all to way up to Winter 2019 and then brought it back on Indie Beer Day in October; not bad for a three-month seasonal beer!

Over those eight months India Pale Lager found many fans, and placed second in Crafty Pint’s Best New WA Beers 2019, as judged by a panel of industry experts. 

Experts aside, it’s the beer that our Head Brewer Keegan Steinbacher wants to have after work. “Our IPL is one of the favourite beers that I’ve ever brewed. It’s what I look forward to after a day in the brewery and I’m proud that so many other people love it too”

“We were looking for something to squeeze into our line-up with a bigger hop bill than the Pale Ale, but not so massive that we couldn’t crush it all year round”

“IPL’s dry hop regime is something I find super interesting and enjoyable. I went with a little bit of Saphir combined with the big hitters of Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe. As a result, our IPL’s hop combo really lifts the tropical characters, creating something modern, refreshing and crisp. As soon as the first batch reached the bright tank, I knew we had a good recipe and we haven’t tweaked it since”

With India Pale Lager joining the team full time, we are saying adios to our Black IPA and thank you for five years of delicious chocolate and roasty vibes. We know Black IPA has a faithful following, you will pleased to know that we definitely aren’t retiring it for good. 

Right now, we are super proud to welcome India Pale Ale to Eagle Bay’s core range.
IPL brings together the crisp sessionability of Lager with a fun New World hop flavour party showcasing tropical notes of mojito, mango and melon with soft lime peel through a spritzy mouthfeel, resolving with balanced bitterness and a lasting dry finish – basically tasty beer paradise.

Eagle Bay Brewing Co’s India Pale Lager is now available always for your drinking pleasure. 50 litre kegs and 24 bottle cartons. 

Eagle Bay Brewing Co’s Black IPA – there is limited availability of the last batch made in keg and carton at our place and various stockists around Perth. Get in touch with any questions.

Thanks for your support as always. Smile widely and have a rad weekend.

PS Head here if you would like some beer delivered to your doorstep