Eagle Bay Brewing Co

A Short History

Eagle Bay Brewing Co is a third generation farming business. It is run by siblings Nick, Astrid and Adrian, whose father John still runs the working sheep and cattle property that surrounds Eagle Bay Brewing Co and forms the foreground to the magnificent views from the restaurant.

Our Vision

Our vision is to supply fresh, quality farm produce in a friendly, relaxed and casual environment. We believe local food is better for us, better for the environment and it tastes better. We have a simple passion for real food; our goal is to use organic, seasonal, local produce exclusively.

We are seriously fussy about beer and wine. We want to make the best quality beer and wine that we can, using the best ingredients that are available and we want to share our products with you.

We want to celebrate buying local, buying really great local produce and understanding what makes local produce so much better.

We hope the experience of being at Eagle Bay Brewing Co is defined by enjoying good times with your friends and family. We don’t care if you remember exactly what you ate or drank; we just want you to remember that you had a really great time.

The Brewer

Eagle Bay Brewing Co’s Brewer, Nick d’Espeissis, has been brewing beer in one form or another since he was 17. Not being of legal drinking age at this time, Nick suggested a home brew kit would be an ideal gift for his father, John. The kit was purchased and John’s first brew was disastrous. The brew had to be discarded after several bottles exploded in the family laundry. The brew kit was abandoned and Nick assumed control. In the years that followed, Nick filled the shed at the back of his parents’ house with bottles, Nick experimented with recipes, some brews were successful, and others were not.

Despite Nick demonstrating a fervent interest in brewing early on, he studied to be an Accountant because his parents insisted that he get a “proper job”. Following his graduation from University, he didn’t work one day as an Accountant. He worked for several years in wineries, and at one stage toyed with the idea of becoming a winemaker. At aged 25, a mate told him about a course in brewing over a beer, and he enrolled the following day.

Since becoming a Brewer, Nick has worked for Gage Roads, Dux de Lux (New Zealand) and 4 Pines in Manly, Sydney. He is still fanatical about brewing. Nick is a part owner of Eagle Bay Brewing Co He will be very interested in what you think of his beers, so feel free to let him know.

…..email Nick.

Eagle Bay Vineyard

Eagle Bay Vineyard is a family owned and run estate nestled in the rolling hills above Eagle Bay on Cape Naturaliste.

Our family has farmed sheep and cattle on the property since 1950. Our first vines were planted in 1991 on the broad logic that we like wine so much and we drink so much of it, that it would be great if we could make our own and drink as much as we like for free. It turns out that our logic was ill-informed and that vineyards are quite expensive to run and require an enormous amount of hard work.

As the result of many hours of hard work, we now have about 15 acres under vine on our farm in Eagle Bay. This area is tiny (even by Margaret River standards) and we do not intend to plant any more vines at this stage (see above comments about hard work). Instead of expanding, our aim is for our small 15 acre plot to be the best cared for and loved 15 acres of vines in the Margaret River region.

Due to our tiny size, we do not have enough fruit to warrant installing a winery at our vineyard; rather we take our revered fruit to the best winemakers, at the best Margaret River wineries, to make it into some of the best wines in the region. All our wines are unique limited releases.

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